Evidence Assessment of Management of Acute Otitis Media – (08-13-01)

Evidence Assessment of Management of Acute Otitis Media I’m not going to go into this in more detail, but I do want to once again stress that antibiotic resistance is really only a minor complication of antibiotic miss use.  Consider the long term chronic effects that destroying the normal flora has on overall health. Alterations in […]

Effect of conjugate pneumococcal vaccine – (07-14-03)

Effect of conjugate pneumococcal vaccine followed by polysaccharide pneumococcal vaccine on recurrent acute otitis media I realize that ear infections in infants and toddlers are about as common place as dirty diapers, but I feel that we are managing this condition completely wrong. Instead of recommending lifestyle changes such as common allergen avoidance (dairy, corn, […]

Use of antibiotics contributes to recurring ear infections – (05-13-04)

Effect of recolonisation with “interfering” alpha streptococci on recurrences of acute and secretory otitis media in children No one wants to quite come out and say it, but evidence strongly points towards antibiotic use as a contributing factor to recurrent ear infections. Antibiotics will destroy the normal bacterial flora that prevents other, pathogenic bacteria from […]

Antibiotics in Children Destroy Immune System, Leads to IBD

The buzz around overuse of antibiotics focuses on antibiotic resistance, but the danger lies in destruction of the normal, protective flora and immune balance. For decades now, researchers have been figuratively screaming at clinicians to stop the antibiotic overuse.  These voices largely seem to fall on deaf ears as antibiotics are still used routinely for things […]