Mesa AZ Chiropractor Explains the Dangers of High Calorie Drinks

SCHOOL DISTRICTS ARE SLOW LEARNERS WHEN IT COMES TO OUR CHILDREN’S HEALTH.  Can anyone explain to me WHY the sales of high calorie drinks went UP??  At an elementary school??  Let me say this now and make it very, very, very clear.  We should NOT, without a doubt, be drinking our calories.  Soda, milk (yes…dairy), […]

4 Infant Feeding Problems Solved Easily

I usually note that most doctors are decades behind the medical research and it is always the patient that suffers.  Pediatricians seem to be the worst of the bunch when it comes to common infant problems. Of course, I AM generalizing here based on feedback from patients as well as the recommendations that parents are […]


Fiber (Glucomannan) Is Beneficial in the Treatment of Childhood Constipation While the fact that increased fiber intake (along with concomitant increase in water intake) will help with constipation is no surprise, I would like to take this chance to mention that childhood constipation seems to be quite an issue with alot of kids. I’m not […]