Dairy and Your Brain; Quit it Before You Lose It

There are times that I think that maybe I’m off base when it comes to my dislike for dairy products and my recommendation to avoid it. After all, the recommendation to have at least 3 servings of dairy daily is firmly entrenched in just about every public health recommendation since, well like…forever.  And the commercials […]

Too Young for Your Brain to Rot? Results Will Surprise You

Sure, you know that a daily meth habit will fry your brain. But what if over half of 40-somethings had brain damage? Couldn’t be possible, right? Alzheimer’s dementia, memory loss, cognitive decline, Parkinson’s…these all happen to OLDER people, so you’re safe.  You gave up the obvious brain-damaging behaviors after college and you’re pretty sure your neurons […]

Migraines "Under Control" with Meds? Better Think Twice

Last Update December 18, 2014 I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but merely managing your chronic migraine headaches with meds is not the answer. I am not saying that it’s not the short-term goal.  If you’ve ever spent time on some of the social networking sites  that relate to migraine headaches, you’ll realize […]