Enzyme Might Relieve Research Headache – (09-26-02)

Enzyme Might Relieve Research Headache Just thought I’d throw this tidbit in for entertainment’s sake…and for those of you that think that mainstream medicine has a handle on things and fully understands the whys and hows of interventions that it uses regularly. Here we see that we may finally understand how Tylenol works (huh?? Tylenol?? […]

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and Triptans – (06-10-04)

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and Triptans I was not aware that there was concern with triptan use (in this case when used for the treatment of headaches–in my opinion, not a very good use) in patients with cardiovascular disease. Live and learn. However, what makes this VERY interesting is the following article…. Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and […]


Physical and psychological correlates of headache in young adults Sometimes I am amazed at just how prevalent headaches are in today’s society, both in research studies and in my own practice. Not that it’s any great surprise, but this study finds that neck and back injuries before age 12 were linked to tension HA in […]

Headaches in Teenagers: Simple Tool Blocked by Meds

Last Update December 18, 2014 Headaches are bad enough, but when they occur in children it can be heartwrenching. The good news is headaches in teenagers and kids can be managed very well. First things first.  It should NEVER be acceptable for a child to have headaches and manage them with medications.  Period.  It’s bad enough to […]


Magnesium and Tension Type Headache While this was a very small study, the results were pretty amazing. 76% of this small group experienced symptom reduction with magnesium alone. Of interesting note is the form and dose of magnesium used–2.25 g of magnesium pidolate. I was unfamiliar with this form until I saw it in this […]