Valerian – (04-23-03)

Valerian. If I can get patients to get past the smell of this herb, most of them find it very effective at helping them sleep. Once again, American Family Physician gives a nice, unbiased review. Valerian – April 15, 2003 – American Family Physician Click here for more information.

Psychotropic Practice Patterns for Youth–A 10-Year Perspective

Psychotropic Practice Patterns for Youth–A 10-Year Perspective. The idea that utilization of psychotropic meds for youth is closing in on adult levels that drops my jaw. Are our children that disturbed? And, even if they were (which I strongly doubt…) would anyone out there like to bet their right arm against the fact that these […]

Natural Remedies for ADHD in Children; Do They Work?

I believe every parent is inherently hesitant to put a child on drugs that mess with the brain. It would seem that natural remedies for ADHD in children would be safer. Our childrens’ brains undergo some incredible changes throughout the entire adolescent period.  And when it comes to the brain, we know very little about […]

Stressed Out? Problems Sleeping? Taking These May Kill You

The typical answer for sleep problems or anxiety is medication. But in no way do these drugs actually fix anything. Rather, the underlying brain damage that stress causes is allowed to run amok, unchecked. And make no mistake–stress destroys your brain. Shrinks it. Kills off healthy brain cells. Shortens memory. Accompanying the brain damage is […]