Back Pain Chiropractor Mesa AZ

Chiropractic Hospital – CHIROPRACTIC CARE OF LOW BACK PAIN IN HOSPITALS IMPROVES CARE?  There have been many stories of the better outcomes and happier patients when chiropractic care is added to the ER care for patients with low back pain, but this is the first study that I’m aware of that actually proves it.  It makes sense.  […]

Steroid Injections and Chronic Pain – Knee Pain Doctor Mesa AZ

SO MY DOCTOR WHIPS OUT THIS NEEDLE…It is far too frequent that patients tell me that they have had steroid injections for this pain or that. Elbow, shoulder and knees seem to be the most common sites. Its frequent use suggests that the doctor giving the injection thinks that there are little safety concerns (other […]

Neck Pain Chiropractor Mesa AZ

Chronic Neck Pain and Car Crashes – I DON’T WANT TO MILK THE SYSTEM AFTER SOMEONE REAR-ENDED ME… A not uncommon response after getting into an accident that is not your fault is to think that getting care is just “milking” the system.  Because of this, some people will actually forgo care for their injuries, […]

Knee Pain Chiropractor Mesa AZ

Don’t Wait, Pain Gains SHOULD I WAIT TO SEE IF MY PAIN GETS BETTER FIRST?  It is very common for someone who has injured themselves, be it their back, shoulder, neck, knee or spleen (ok…maybe not really the spleen), to wait and see if the pain goes away.  Sometimes is does, but sometimes this is the beginning […]

Having Orthopedic Surgery? You NEED to Know this Scary Risk

Everyone knows that there are risks associated with any surgery. But the risks that you know about are the obvious ones. Problems with the anesthesia such as aspiration pneumonitis or respiratory failure.  Problems with the surgery itself such as excessive blood loss, damaging the spinal cord or spinal nerves, infection or blood clots. But what […]