Back Pain Chiropractor Mesa AZ

Chiropractic Hospital – CHIROPRACTIC CARE OF LOW BACK PAIN IN HOSPITALS IMPROVES CARE?  There have been many stories of the better outcomes and happier patients when chiropractic care is added to the ER care for patients with low back pain, but this is the first study that I’m aware of that actually proves it.  It makes sense.  […]

Lower Back Pain Relief with Stretching – Timing is Everything

In seems inherent that treatments for lower back pain relief would include stretching.  In general, flexibility is a good thing and that’s why activities like yoga are bad for a chiropractic business. One of the more common questions I get as a chiropractor is what stretches or what exercises should be done for chronic lower […]

Have a Muscle Injury? Don’t Neglect This Therapy

  You decide that, after a decade of watching all 600 UFC fights from the couch, to start Krav Maga. While it sounded like a good idea, the following day you call into work because you can’t move. The first home remedies to cross your mind include rest (which is what got you into this mess in the […]

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

Many health care professionals now recognize massage as a complementary therapy. While massage cannot reverse nor slow the spread of cancer, even the American Cancer Society recognizes its short-term benefits. In addition to obvious muscle relaxation, patients might experience decreased stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety and even pain relief. Any of these factors may lead to […]