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Chronic LBP: SHOULD I WAIT TO SEE IF MY PAIN GETS BETTER FIRST?  It is very common for someone who has injured themselves, be it their back, shoulder, neck, knee or spleen (ok…maybe not really the spleen), to wait and see if the pain goes away.  Sometimes is does, but sometimes this is the beginning of what […]

Having Orthopedic Surgery? You NEED to Know this Scary Risk

Everyone knows that there are risks associated with any surgery. But the risks that you know about are the obvious ones. Problems with the anesthesia such as aspiration pneumonitis or respiratory failure.  Problems with the surgery itself such as excessive blood loss, damaging the spinal cord or spinal nerves, infection or blood clots. But what […]

Tylenol for Your Pain; Surprising Finding on How Well it Works

Society would never consider going without over the counter pain meds. Doesn’t matter what’s it’s for; headaches, knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain.   We don’t seem to care where the pain is; that magical little pill hones in with radar precision to zap the pain and give you relief. Or at least this is what […]

Is Your Job Giving You Low Back Pain?

There are many factors that contribute to low back pain.  Some obvious, some not so.  But in many cases, these factors are under your control. However, without some serious reworking of your life, you occupation is not easily changed.  But does your job contribute to your back pain?  Sometimes. I hear it almost daily.  “If […]

Chronic Neck and Low Back Pain – Amazing Procedure Helps in ONE Day

  As a practicing chiropractor, I see patients who have had chronic problems improve just about every day.  Despite how successful we are at treatment, there are still patients that we can’t help. At least not in the office.  And not while the patient’s conscious. There is a little-known procedure called manipulation under anesthesia (MUA) […]