Muscloskeletal Pain? Primary Care Docs Not Giving Good Advice

Sciatica.  Knee osteoarthritis symptoms.  While these two conditions seem a world apart, there is something they have in common:  Bad advice. Both of these conditions have solid research on things that you should and should not be doing to help you recover.  The “should” category involves exercise and moving around.  Almost always with musculoskeletal pain, […]

Steroid Injection Epidurals For Spinal Stenosis–Boon or Bane?

Epidurals are handed out like candy in this country. We assume that, much like surgery and medications, that there are hordes of research studies documenting the effectiveness of this intervention. Regular readers of the Rantings and any chiropractor out there will tell you this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yet this doesn’t seem to stop […]

Slipped Disc in Back: Common Sciatic Nerve Treatment Falls Short

MRI finds a slipped disc in back. Options are short, but you decide on a common sciatic nerve treatment from your doctor’s suggestion. But what’s the best option? The task of deciding what options are the best seems daunting. Medications, injections, chiropractic (my personal favorite), acupuncture, massage, physical therapy and probably 10 others I’m forgetting. But […]


“Failed back surgery syndrome” This one obviously hits home. Statistics show that 5-10% of patients undergoing back surgery for disc problems experience no relief. While these odds may seem pretty good, the number of back surgeries done in a year make the total number quite high. Roughly 10% of the population utilizes chiropractic services; it […]