Homocysteine higher in thyroid problems – (03-15-01)

Changes in homocysteine in hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism has been linked with an increased risk of heart disease, and this study demonstrates that patients with decreased thyroid function have higher homocysteine levels. This once again demonstrates the intricate weave that all body systems have on one another and the need for a multifactorial approach to […]

TSH Blood Test: Should We Treat Underactive Thyroid Symptoms?

Having a TSH blood test is part of normal bloodwork. These tests may to drug treatment (usually Synthroid), but are underactive thyroid symptoms dangerous? Let’s cover some basics first. The thyroid plays a huge role in just about everything we do (so does the adrenal–but that’s fodder for another post) and is critical for good […]

Links between iodine deficiency and breast cancer – (01-29-04)

The thyroid, iodine and breast cancer This is a very interesting concept brought to my attention by Dr. Harry Eidner’s newsletter produced for DSD International. Their seems to be some links between iodine deficiency and breast cancer. The additional of treatment for hypothyroidism seems to strengthen to risk of breast cancer. Given the high level […]


The Role of Thyroid Hormone in Blood Pressure Homeostasis I must admit that the evaluation of hypertension and factors associated with it do not generally include evaluating thyroid function. This article suggests that thyroid function can indeed be a factor in high blood pressure and should be added to the list of therapeutic avenues for […]


ATTENTION DEFICIT AND HYPERACTIVITY DISORDERS IN THE OFFSPRING OF MOTHERS EXPOSED TO MILD-MODERATE IODINE DEFICIENCY: A POSSIBLE NOVEL IODINE DEFICIENCY DISORDER IN DEVELOPED COUNTRIES The answer to the origin of ADD/ADHD as well as autism will most likely result in a multi-factorial equation. One thing is for sure–we are doing something different to our kids […]