Increased Need for Thyroxine with Hypothyroidism during HRT – (06-14-01)

Increased Need for Thyroxine with Hypothyroidism during HRT Will the lack of understanding of basic physiology never end? It is known that estrogen blocks the conversion of T4 to T3 (the thyroid produces mainly T4-the inactive form–it needs to be converted to its active form later in the target tissues). So, it is no surprise […]

Thyroid Cancer Death Higher In Younger Ages

In a recent blog post, I pointed out the very strong relationship between thyroid nodules and prediabetes and diabetes. Not surprising, considering that the diabetic spectrum is the worst thing that could happen to your body.  So, there are clear associations between prediabetes / diabetes and thyroid problems.  But what about thyroid cancer? Before we […]

Thyroid Problem Symptoms? 2 Things You Need to Know

Thyroid problem symptoms seem to be everywhere. Hyperthyroid (Hashimoto’s, Graves), hypothyroid, benign thyroid nodules, cancerous thyroid nodules. No discrimination between them–they all seem to be happening to everyone. The way I see it, there are 2 possibilities. 1)  The Creator screwed up on the thyroid. Given how amazing everything else works in our bodies and can last for 100 […]

Clue to Subclinical Thyroid Disease – (03-14-02)

Individual Variations in T4, T3: Clue to Subclinical Thyroid Disease This article introduces an entirely novel concept: patients may actually have lab values within normal range that are abnormal for that particular patient. All sarcasm aside, I will always ask for patients’ prior bloodwork so that I can begin to evaulate all values, not just […]