Firmiculates Bacteria in the Gut and Pollutants in Your Diet

Gut bacteria and your health.  The microbiome.  These strange bedfellows play a massive role in our health and yet we know so little about how to positively impact our microbiome using lifestyle and supplementation. Luckily, it seems like weekly there are new studies published that help to fill in the major gaps in our understanding of […]

Is That Prescription Giving You Breasts?

  Phthalates. Luckily, it took me less time to realize how bad they for our health then it did to learn how to spell the word. It has been clear that phthalates play a role in infertility, preterm birth, birth defects (they have a feminizing effect on the developing baby), hormonal cancers like breast and […]

Gluten, GMOs, Probiotics and Monsanto; the Web Tightens

I’ve had many people ask me about this “gluten free” thing and whether it’s “real.” Or is it just a fad? First and foremost, the entity known as celiac disease is nothing new. The traditional acceptance of celiac disease is a condition where the immune system of the gut attacks the gluten containing portion of […]