Medication Is NOT The Way To Go

MEDICAL ERRORS KILLS A 747’S WORTH OF PASSENGER PER DAY?  To many, this data is not a surprise.  And keep in mind that 98,000 deaths and 1 million injuries per year is, by most estimates, a very, very conservative number because it only includes errors, and does not include deaths that result from properly performed surgeries […]

Are Your Cooking Pans Damaging Your Child’s Health?

You know those wonderful, non-stick pans that you love so well?  I hope you realize that many of today’s “conveniences” like non-stick cookware come with a price beyond the initial purchase. The wonderful Teflon that keeps all your foods from sticking to the pan is no exception.  The chemical compounds typically found in non-stick cookware include […]

Do You Know What YOUR Child is Wearing? 5 Tips to Keep Them Safe

  Chemicals are everywhere in our world.  I’ve said before that we live in a toxic soup, and that absolutely includes our children. Our kids have a particular susceptibility to toxins in our environment because their detoxification ability is not as strong as an adult’s.  To make this worse, we are particularly sensitive to the […]