Do You Know What YOUR Child is Wearing? 5 Tips to Keep Them Safe

  Chemicals are everywhere in our world.  I’ve said before that we live in a toxic soup, and that absolutely includes our children. Our kids have a particular susceptibility to toxins in our environment because their detoxification ability is not as strong as an adult’s.  To make this worse, we are particularly sensitive to the […]

Firmiculates Bacteria in the Gut and Pollutants in Your Diet

Gut bacteria and your health.  The microbiome.  These strange bedfellows play a massive role in our health and yet we know so little about how to positively impact our microbiome using lifestyle and supplementation. Luckily, it seems like weekly there are new studies published that help to fill in the major gaps in our understanding of […]

Childhood Obesity Statistics: Contributions of a Forgotten Chemical

  Calories in, calories out.  Seems to be a simple enough equation for weight loss or maintenance.  Or, at least it used to be. Make sure your son or daughter stays active.  Throw out any Kellogg’s breakfast cereals and keep them away from fruit juice.  These recommendations are simple enough and makes sense for keeping […]

BPA in Plastic Water Bottles; Toxic as Ever

IS PLASTIC REALLY THAT DANGEROUS TO OUR HEALTH?? The dangers of Bisphenol A (BPA) have been known for years, and the FDA recently came out and admitted that, well, maybe it’s not that good for us…You’ve also slowly seen the retail side of things slowly proclaim that their products are now BPA free.  Strong move […]