Mesa AZ Back Pain Doctor Response to Medication Study

Medication Is NOT The Way To Go MEDICAL ERRORS KILLS A 747’S WORTH OF PASSENGER PER DAY?  To many, this data is not a surprise.  And keep in mind that 98,000 deaths and 1 million injuries per year is, by most estimates, a very, very conservative number because it only includes errors, and does not include […]

Mesa AZ Chiropractor Explains the Dangers of High Calorie Drinks

SCHOOL DISTRICTS ARE SLOW LEARNERS WHEN IT COMES TO OUR CHILDREN’S HEALTH.  Can anyone explain to me WHY the sales of high calorie drinks went UP??  At an elementary school??  Let me say this now and make it very, very, very clear.  We should NOT, without a doubt, be drinking our calories.  Soda, milk (yes…dairy), […]

Joint Pain Doctor Mesa AZ Provides Research

Caution! Drugs May Be Deceiving! DON’T ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ ON THAT LITTLE SLIP OF PAPER THAT CAME WITH YOUR DRUG…We’d like to believe that all the info that our doctors and we get when we get a prescription is truthful and not deceitful by omission.  But alas!!  The world of pharmaceuticals is fraught […]

Pain Relief Chiropractic Mesa AZ

Drugs and Their Effects SOOOO…THE DRUG MY DOCTOR WANTS TO GIVE ME WORKED IN A CLINICAL TRIAL..BUT COMPARED TO WHAT?  This is, arguably, one of the more important questions we can ask.  In randomized, placebo controlled trials we compare a pill with the active “drug” ingredient to an inert pill with nothing in it (a […]

Are Your Cooking Pans Damaging Your Child’s Health?

You know those wonderful, non-stick pans that you love so well?  I hope you realize that many of today’s “conveniences” like non-stick cookware come with a price beyond the initial purchase. The wonderful Teflon that keeps all your foods from sticking to the pan is no exception.  The chemical compounds typically found in non-stick cookware include […]