The Western Diet

THE WESTERN DIET KILLS US YET AGAIN…Inflammatory bowel disease is when your body attacks its own gut.  Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s are the biggies.  Not only are these diseases bad enough all on their own, but these conditions are associated with much higher rates of colorectal cancer.  This particular study implicates the Western Diet (high […]

Fat Isn’t a Bad Thing

BUT I THOUGHT “FAT” WAS FATTENING??  Man did the 90’s screw us all up.  That darn food pyramid was one of the worst things to happen to our health after the Value Meal.  Because of this decade, we began to associate “fat” with fattening.  This is just not true, and we are having a hard […]

Should Our Children Be Eating Soy?

The is no doubt that the earlier a girl experiences menarche, the scarier it is.  This greatly increases the risks of estrogen related cancers like endometrial and breast cancers. Early menarche also means that the hormonal disturbances that caused the early onset of menses are NOT due to “Mother Nature-planned” physiological changes.  In other words, hormonal disturbances are only […]

Is Soy as Bad for Us as “They” Say?

You know, I read A LOT of medical literature.  Finding negative health effects of soy is actually quite difficult. The evidence on the health of soy is overwhelmingly positive.  There are still oncologists telling their breast cancer patients to avoid soy, despite the fact that it DOUBLES survival rates.  Of course, we are talking about […]