Doctor, Why Is My Vitamin D Level Low?

This is actually a very pertinent question and one I have asked many times.  Why are some many patient’s vitamin D levels very low despite good sun exposure.  I may have the answer. When researchers first discovered that levels of vitamin D deficiency were darn near ubiquitous in our population, the initial thoughts ranged from […]

IDDM 3 Years After Hemophilus Influenza B (HiB) Immunization – (08-12-02)

Type 1 Diabetes 3 Years After Hemophilus Influenza B (HiB) Immunization This is an example of one of those article that proves that immunizations are not always (and actually, rarely) benign. Studies like this are scattered throughout the medical literature and can sometimes be difficult to track down. But they are there. These findings need to […]