As a way of background, we have taste cells in the further regions of small intestine.  The same type of taste cells present on our tongue.  These cells in the gut are called the L-cells.  These cells produce a very, very potent compound called GLP-1 which is the holy grail of diabetic research and treatment.  […]

Artificial Sweeteners: Lessons for the Slow Learners

It seemed like, for a brief period, society was finally catching onto the idea that artificial sweeteners, in all amounts and all types, was a bad thing. Then the moment passed. I continue to see almost every single gum available in stores with artificial sweeteners (and typically more than one type is used).  And just […]

The Cost of Medical Research; It’s Not What You Think

The drug companies use the cost of drug development as a rationale for charging massive amounts for new drugs when they get brought to market under a patent. The reality is that many of these drugs are priced far above what it cost to bring it to market and definitely beyond what it costs to […]

Why Blockbuster Drugs are Never a Good Thing

Avandia has been in use for over 15 years.  It was launched around the same time that another drug in the same class (PPAR-agonists…Rezulin) was pulled from the market due to liver failure. Over time, this rapidly-adopted “blockbuster drug” began to accumulate evidence that Avandia greatly increases the risk of heart disease.  Given that 70% […]

Artificial Sweeteners and Bad Decisions-Surprising Links

Despite the mounting evidence on just how bad they are for us, artificial sweeteners remain on the market in just about everything we consume. Think that just because you avoid diet sodas you’re safe?  Bought any chewing gum lately?  Use any protein workout drinks?  Did your doctor recommend Medifast shakes?  How about pretty much anything […]