Common “Healthy” Food Spikes Your Risk of Prostate Cancer

Before I mention the food, let me ask this question: Should a food group heavily recommended by schools and public health groups increase your risk of cancer? Let’s look at some of the other foods that are recommended by nutritionists and public health organizations.  Broccoli.  Never in any study I have ever read has broccoli […]

Aggressive Prostate Cancer; How to Tell if You’re at Risk

It’s become clear that only a small portion of prostate cancers will ever become aggressive.  The ultimate question is, will YOUR prostate cancer become aggressive? The same situation applies almost exactly for breast cancer. I have always felt that the key to cancer research is to determine which cancers will progress.  We have done a […]

Stopping Prostate Cancer Recurrence: How to Completely Miss the Boat

Having prostate cancer at all is a bad thing, but living with the constant fear of prostate cancer recurrence can be worse. There is no shortage of controversy over our fascination with overdiagnosis of both prostate cancer and breast cancer in medicine today.  I have covered this in a previous blog article (that can be […]

Common Prostate Cancer Treatment Falls Short

Much like breast cancer, there has been much controversy with prostate cancer “prevention” and treatment in recent years. Mainstream medicine as well as the public health gurus all put all their bets on the PSA card when it came to prostate cancer “prevention.”  (For those non-regular-readers of the Rantings, I always surrounding the word “prevention” […]

Effects of ligand activation of PPAR-gamma in human prostate cancer – (10-26-00)

Effects of ligand activation of PPAR-gamma in human prostate cancer I’ve said many times before that I truly believe that most chronic diseases in humans stems from relatively few biochemical defects. This is yet more evidence of this. The new class of diabetic drugs have been shown to inhibit prostate cancer. Just remember that conjugated […]