Ovarian Cancer and Baby Powder

COMMON BATHROOM COMPOUNDS CAUSING FEMALE CANCERS..  There have been studies linking baby powder use and ovarian cancer in women (especially to be avoided in infants!!), but this studied looked at endometrial cancer and found a relationship between baby powder use and endometrial cancer.  Yet another easy way to lower our risk of cancer. Read More

Soy Foods on the Hotspot Again: Ovarian Cancer

Run a Google search for “soy” and the first page or two are dominated by “soy kills” websites. The general public seems to think that soy is not good for you. Many of these sites have one thing in common; by the time you get past all the hype, everyone seems to agree that, so […]

Red meat and ovarian cancer risk – (09-24-01)

Red meat and ovarian cancer risk Two compounds in cooked meat, heterocyclic amines (HCA) and polyaromatic hydrocarbons have been shown consistently to be carcinogenic. Most studies have looked at colon cancer risk, but this study shows an association with ovarian cancer as well. This is not a great surprise, since these compounds can be absorbed […]

ERT and Ovarian Cancer Mortality in Women – (04-23-01)

ERT and Ovarian Cancer Mortality in Women Not only are we consistently beating down to perceived benefits to HRT, but the list of adverse effects continues to grow. First of all, menopause IS NOT A DISEASE!! You will not find it in any of the pathology books. Second, if you want to lower your risk […]