Exercise Can Lower Your Risk Of Chronic Diseases

SO YOU’RE AWARE OF BREAST CANCER…BUT DOES “PINK” TELL YOU TO DO THIS?  Most know that I take issue with all the “awareness” campaigns and money for breast cancer.  Seriously…who is not “aware” of breast cancer??  What seems to be lacking in awareness is what to do to prevent it.  In this particular study, those […]

Breastfeeding and Its Effects

BREASTFEEDING IMPROVES THIS???  Ok…I’m definitely an advocate of nursing.  The benefits are well documented.  Of course…who needs documentation in the first place???  This is the way it was meant to be.  Period.  Anything else is inferior.  Science will never, ever trump Mother Nature.  So along comes this study that finds better lower body explosive strength […]

Is Taking Folic Acid Dangerous? Breast Cancer Concerns

The question of folic acid fortification an issue that has been growing in the medical literature as it relates to risk of colon and breast cancer. Unfortunately, as with most problems dealing with physiology, the ones who will ultimately be making recommendations (mainstream medicine and the mainstream media) will likely not have the background to fully understand […]

Mammography Screening; Still Think it Works to Save Lives?

We live in a society that chooses early cancer detection over prevention and calls it a cure.  I can sum it up no more clearly than that. I am not advocating that mammography (and PSA testing while we’re at it…) is a bad thing.  Certainly there are cases where the very first hint of anything […]

Should Our Children Be Eating Soy?

The is no doubt that the earlier a girl experiences menarche, the scarier it is.  This greatly increases the risks of estrogen related cancers like endometrial and breast cancers. Early menarche also means that the hormonal disturbances that caused the early onset of menses are NOT due to “Mother Nature-planned” physiological changes.  In other words, hormonal disturbances are only […]