Carotenoids, Normal Human Skin Color and UV Photosensitivity – (03-14-02)

Carotenoids, Normal Human Skin Color and UV Photosensitivity

This article brings to mind to “hot item” about a decade or so back. Tanning pills that were available contained high levels of beta carotene and, in high enough doses, turned the skin to a not so bronze orangish tan.

This article suggests that the pigmentation of the skin could be assessed to determine the overall carotenoid status of a patient. Remember that, although beta carotene gets all the press, the carotenoids are a large family of pigments found in fruits and veggies. Some additional examples include lycopene (in tomatoes and watermelon), lutein and zeaxanthin. — Abstracts: Alaluf et al. 132 (3): 399

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James Bogash

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