Caffeine Can Decrease Insulin Sensitivity in Humans – (02-27-02)

Caffeine Can Decrease Insulin Sensitivity in Humans

This is a biggie!! Coffee is unquestionably abused heavily here in the US. Although most practitioners have hopefully never views this as a anything but an unhealthy practice, we now have additional reasons to make sure our patients are avoiding coffee. With any coffee drinker, a physician must always look at why the patient is drinking the coffee; many times it is as an energy boost. In this case adrenal function must be assessed and supported. I know I am singling out coffee and not bashing tea, but I firmly believe that tea has other components in it that override the potential adverse effects of the caffeine.

Dia Care — Abstracts: Keijzers et al. 25 (2): 364

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James Bogash

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