Brain White-Matter Lesions in Celiac Disease – (08-13-01)

Brain White-Matter Lesions in Celiac Disease

If this article does not give you an idea of how important it is to recognize the impact of food allergies on our overall health, I’m not sure what will. Reactions to food allergies can range from minor GI irritation to irreversible brain damage. Physicians need to begin to recognize the impact that the GI tract has on our overall health. The author suggests that this response is mediated through an upregulation of the immune system leading to focal damage in the brain. Consider this…many people crave the foods they’re allergic to and so eat them very often. That leaves opportunities on almost a daily basis to wreak havoc on our immune systems…

Pediatrics — Abstracts: Kieslich et al. 108 (2): e21

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James Bogash

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