Benefits of low glycemic index diet and high glycemic index diet – (08-11-04)

No difference in body weight decrease between a low-glycemic-index and a high-glycemic-index diet but reduced LDL cholesterol after 10-wk ad libitum intake of the low-glycemic-index diet

Here’s the gist of this one. A low glycemic index diet (the preferred, healthier diet with whole grains and avoidance of refined carbs) did not show any benefit over a high glycemic index diet. So, most would look at this and say, “Hah–they don’t know what they’re talking about!!! Hand me that donut….

However, the study was 10 weeks long. 10 weeks. 2 1/2 months. No wonder people are confused about what they should eat. Women subjects in this study ranged from 20-40 years of age. I would bet most of them have spent AT LEAST 1 decade bombarding their genes with refined carbs. That would be approx 520 weeks.

This study evaluated 10 weeks of healthier lifestyle changes versus 520 weeks of preprogrammed genetic expression. Is it any wonder there was no change? Give the study AT LEAST 6 months to a year.

AJCN — Abstracts: Sloth et al. 80 (2): 337

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James Bogash

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