Benefits of good healthy flora on our health – (06-10-04)

Lactic acid bacteria secrete metabolites retaining anti-inflammatory properties after intestinal transport

Why is it, with all the research supporting the benefits of normal, healthy (probiotic) flora, that many still consider the main concern with antibiotic overuse the spread of resistant germs? It would take me days to explain all the benefits of good healthy flora on our health and how they can be virtually wiped out by one course of antibiotics.

This study finds that lactic acid bacteria (such as lactobacillus) have the ability to suppress TNF-alpha production systemically from their home in the GI tract. Remember that one of the hot new drugs out for psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease (Umbro) blocks TNF-alpha action as well.

Gut — Abstracts: Ménard et al. 53 (6): 821

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James Bogash

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