Back, neck, and shoulder pain in Finnish adolescents – (10-10-02)

Back, neck, and shoulder pain in Finnish adolescents

From a business standpoint, this ain’t such bad news. Unfortunately, there is currently no shortage of adults with musculoskeletal pain and we don’t need to add children to this already-too-long list. Children experiencing pain at this age does not bode well for future musculoskeletal health. If these kids do not get proper care now(i.e. chiropractic….), future episodes will generally increase in severity. It is possible that this increase is from a combination of factors, including decreased physical activities, heavier backpacks in school (I know this is a problem in the US, not sure if the same problem exists in Finland) and a more pro-inflammatory diet with more animal products and less fresh fruits and veggies. Abstracts: Hakala et al. 325 (7367): 743 –

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James Bogash

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