Atopic/eczema cases are related to food allergies – (10-31-02)

Starvation reduces skin wheals, plasma substance P, vasoactive intestinal peptide in patients with atopic eczema/dermatitis syndrome

While I don’t usually recommend starvation for patients with eczema (although most people would do well with a good fast…), this article does show the impact that the food we put into our mouths can have a direct effect on our skin. Too many times in dermatology we look only at the skin, when, in reality, the dermatologist should be talking to the gastroenterology to best aid the patient. I am firmly convinced that most atopic/eczema cases are related to food allergies. Now these may be difficult to identify and after a long history the pattern of altered physiology may be strongly ingrained, but it is possible.

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James Bogash

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