Aspirin Ups Risk of Pancreatic Cancer – (11-30-03)

Aspirin Use May Increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Well, doesn’t this just throw a wrench in the works for the “aspirin a day” crowd. I’ve always had a problem with the blatant use of aspirin to lower risk of heart attack. If someone’s really interested, I can give you 15 other things to do to lower risk of heart attack that will not increase risk of something else (actually, in most cases these changes will lower risk across the board for many other chronic diseases).

In this case, this presentation showed an increase in pancreatic cancer risk. For those of you that don’t know, pancreatic cancer is close to last on the list of cancers you would like to get. We just don’t have three year survival rates because most don’t live that long (with the exception of Dr. Gonzalez’s work).

News Main – American Association for Cancer Research.

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James Bogash

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