Antioxidant vitamins make lipid lowering drugs less effective – (12-10-01)

Antioxidant vitamins make lipid lowering drugs less effective

This article is actually a review of an article in New England Journal of Medicine. I thought I would link this article instead of the original because the title is a bit more shocking. The original article does not dramatize the antioxidant’s effect like this one does. The results of the study show that antioxidant use blunts niacin and simvastatin’s increase of HDL cholesterol. This author suggests that antioxidants should not be used along with these meds. I still choke on this response even after reading it several times. Antioxidants have shown consistently to play a major role in protection against many chronic disease; CVD included. To suggest that a patient with CVD avoid antioxidants flies in the face of many studies. Considering that antioxidants can help to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol I would consider their use with hypercholesterolemia essential. Keep in mind that this current study was small and can not be extrapolated to the population at large. Gottlieb 323 (7325): 1323a

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James Bogash

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