Age-related changes of sex hormones, IGF-1 levels in men – (01-25-01)

Age-related changes of sex hormones, IGF-1 levels in men

This study identifies a decrease in levels of circulating IGF-1 levels in men as they age. Many in the anti-aging camp would jump on this as support for the use of growth hormone (which stimulates release of IGF-1) as a fountain of youth. Too many times in the past we have jumped on just such a bandwagon; DHEA, colostrum and many others. Many times, what we find when we dig deeper is that these hormonal levels have dropped because of some shift in metabolism; either as a result of deficiencies in some nutrient or as a protective factor. I always hesitate to mess with Mother Nature. Lets work on quality of life, not quantity.

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James Bogash

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