Age at acquisition of H pylori infection – (03-25-02)

Age at acquisition of H pylori infection: study from infancy to adulthood

Geez!! I just LOVE this article!!! This article finds that a large chunk of the population actually acquires this bacteria before the age of ten and thus we should maybe focus therapy at this age group. If this is not the most short-sighted, blinders on conclusion than I’m not sure what is. So most people get the bug before age 10. How many 10 year olds do we have running around with H. pylori caused ulcers? Very, very few.

This article makes it very apparent to me that H. pylori is not the sole cause of many, if not all ulcers. I would even go so far as to suggest that H. pylori could be considered opportunistic if not normal flora and does not cause problems until perturbations in the host’s environment changes. When will we open our eyes and see this?

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James Bogash

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