Sublingual Immunotherapy Helpful in Mite-Sensitive Asthmatic Kids – (11-12-00)

Sublingual Immunotherapy Helpful in Mite-Sensitive Asthmatic Kids Such a simple therapy with almost no side effects, and yet most allergists scoff at doctors using this therapy. This procedure using the concept of oral tolerance, where small dosages of an allergic substance are given, and this teaches the gut to calm down its reaction to the […]

Sublingual immunotherapy is safe, inexpensive and has no side effects – (04-22-04)

Allergic rhinitis due to house dust mites: evaluation of the efficacy of specific sublingual immunotherapy Sublingual immunotherapy, which I classify under the oral tolerance category, has been around for many years. Essentially, the clinician evaluates what the patient is allergic to and then gives the patient small vials with minute amounts of the allergen to […]


Randomized controlled open study of sublingual immunotherapy for respiratory allergy in real-life: clinical efficacy and more While we’re on the subject…another safe approach to respiratory problems is sublingual immunotherapy. This concept works by inducing oral tolerance via the immune system in the GI tract–the immune system cells lining the GI tract identify the compound being […]


Immune mechanisms of allergen-specific sublingual immunotherapy While still not well accepted by many physicians in this country, the research behind sublingual immunotherapy is growing. It’s safety is very high, and every study I’ve come across finds a benefit. Basically, the patient’s allergies are identified, and they are given a vial of liquid that they put […]

Holy Sinus Infection Batman! You’ve GOT to Read This!!

Sinus problem, allergies and asthma are the bane of many peoples’ existence. Too often, this results in the knee-jerk antibiotic prescription and steroids. These conditions can be incredibly challenging to deal with from a functional medicine standpoint because, all too often, the problem stems back to immune development in the first 2 years of life. […]