Can a Simple Mineral Beat Statins for the Heart?

There are times when it seems like the only answer in medicine is another drug.  For heart stuff this is unquestionably statins. Have high cholesterol?  Take Lipitor.  Have a family history of heart disease?  Take Crestor.  Your dog’s litter mates’ cousins’ owner had a heart attack?  Take atorvastatin. You get the idea. But when it […]

Statins Versus Fast Food; Really an Even Battle?

JUST HOW OFF BASE IS MEDICINE? Keep in mind that this particular article is an editorial.  The author is writing for the British Heart Foundation.  He believes that the use of a statin can zero out the negative health effects of a Quarter Pounder with cheese and a small milkshake. Have we really come so far down […]

Statins and Your First Heart Attack

IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF STATINS (LIPITOR, CRESTOR, ZOCOR, VYTORIN, etc…)? It should come as no surprise to regular readers of my posts that the research just does not support the use of statins to prevent a first heart attack.  The data is very, very weak.  Which would be fine if it […]