Can a Simple Mineral Beat Statins for the Heart?

There are times when it seems like the only answer in medicine is another drug.  For heart stuff this is unquestionably statins. Have high cholesterol?  Take Lipitor.  Have a family history of heart disease?  Take Crestor.  Your dog’s litter mates’ cousins’ owner had a heart attack?  Take atorvastatin. You get the idea. But when it […]

Devastating Arthritis in Children Starts at the Pediatrician

Arthritis in the typical 50 or 60 year old is not a surprise, but when it strikes our children it’s something to be heavily concerned about. In general, arthritis that strikes our kids is going to fall into the auto-immune type where the immune system has turned in on itself, attacking the joints of your […]

The New Statin Guidelines: Surprisingly Inferior Compared to this

No one has ever accused me of being a friend of the statin class of drugs to lower cholesterol. An entire eBook devoted to the side effects of statins and natural ways to lower cholesterol that do not involve statins pretty much cinches that. Despite all the continued evidence that statin drugs are only minimally […]