Short Burst Aerobic – Mesa AZ Stem Cell Chiropractic

IF YOU CAN’T EXERCISE THIS MUCH, JUST HANG IT UP NOW….Gotta love us lazy humans.  Just how little exercise, how little we have to exert and how infrequent do we have to exercise and still get a benefit.  Not that I advocate hanging out of the bottom of the bell curve, but in this study participants bursts on […]

Short Burst Aerobic from a Cellular Standpoint

Ok, ok. I truly don’t mean to beat you over the head with this concept, but I’m going to anyway. I think we’re approaching exercise all wrong. The problem is that, if I’m right, this isn’t some little tidbit that doesn’t make a difference. All of our public health recommendations need to be revamped. Let’s […]

Fitness Training: 2 Changes to Make in Your Aerobic Training

For decades now, fitness training and aerobic training pushes for hitting your “fat burning” zone and staying there. But what if this has been all wrong? I believe that the human body was much more attuned for short burst aerobic activity rather than the typical 45+ minutes of continuous exercise. If you think about it– […]

Info on Heart Failure Your Cardiologist Probably Doesn’t Know

Heart disease remains the biggest killer in the Western world. This is despite billions of dollars pumped into this condition. Billions of dollars into research, drug development, drug use and cardiology procedures. And yet, all we have to show for it is a slight reduction in deaths from heart disease, but an increasing number of […]