MRSA in Athletes

DOES THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU HARBOR KILLER BACTERIA? MRSA has risen to the top of the headlines over the past few years as the latest super bug that will wipe us out as a species.  Thrown into the same category as flesh eating bacteria (necrotizing fascitis), Ebola, West Nile virus, HIV, swine flu, bird […]

Antibiotics Destroy Critical Part of Your Cell

I remain firm on my mantra that destruction of healthy bacterial flora is the worst thing we can do for an infant’s health.  But probiotics can fix the damage from antibiotics, right? I used to think so as well. Of course, mainstream medicine (pediatricians, in particular) worry about antibiotic resistance from the overuse of antibiotics.  […]

CT Scan Side Effects: Beware of Pediatric ER Visits

We love technology in medicine like CT scans, however, it is replacing a well thought out diagnosis. But are CT scan side effects worth the information obtained? Regardless of whether it is for a child or for yourself, going to the emergency is dangerous business. Not only is the ER a breeding ground for bacteria like […]


“Atopic” is the term used to describe a tendency towards allergy, asthma or just a general predisposition towards sensitivity of the immune system.  And we are seeing much more of it in our children these days.  But is it just heredity, or something more? It is clear that our bodies have developed a commensal (mutually […]