Progesterone Relieves Menopause-Related Symptoms – (07-03-00)

Progesterone Relieves Menopause-Related Symptoms This article is glowingly in favour or natural progesterone, stating that it is superior to artificial progesterone. So why hasn’t this been plastered all over the news?? J Women’s Health 2000;9(4):1-7 At doses of 100 to 400 mg q.d., 80% of the subjects reported excellent satisfaction with the new HRT regimen, […]

Caution Urged on Soy-Based Menopause Remedies – (05-02-02)

Caution Urged on Soy-Based Menopause Remedies Remember what I said about natural medicine being held to a higher standard than traditional medicine? Here we have a researcher saying that we are not fully informed on how soy works in the human body and so we need to be careful with its use. A little reality […]

Reproductive hormonal dynamics in the perimenopause – (01-10-02)

Reproductive hormonal dynamics in the perimenopause This is an older article but one I had to throw in just to blow apart standard thinking. So many people (and physicians included0 believe that perimenopausal symptoms are a result of lack of estrogens. The treatment? More estrogen, of course (in the form of equine estrogens foreign to […]

Natural Menopause Treatment for Hot Flash Relief

It’s inevitable as a woman ages: the production of hormones changes and you’re searching for that natural menopause treatment that will provide hot flash relief. You’re pretty sure Satan just sat down in the cubicle next to you, but no one else seems to have noticed that the temperature gauge is now reading Kelvin instead of […]

Weight Gain During Menopause–The Hard Truth

It is almost a mantra for women to complain of weight gain during menopause. But are we putting the cart before the horse? Could our view be all wrong? Before I say anything else, let me just remind everyone of that famous saying… “Don’t shoot the messenger” Everyone has heard a 50-something women complain about […]