The Ketogenic Diet; How to Make a Good Thing Better

The ketogenic diet has been a powerful tool for seizures forever.  Longer even then the drugs to treat seizures that are commonly used. The unfortunate fact is that natural approaches to seizures are almost always the last tool recommended by neurologists, despite the fact that they typically perform better than medications. Maybe one of the […]

Ketogenic Diet for Infantile Seizures

SIMPLE DIET EFFECTIVE FOR INFANTS WITH SEIZURES? I have never understood the reluctance of neurologists to strongly recommend the ketogenic diet for patients with seizures. Studies strongly support it’s effectiveness and safety, many times above anticonvulsant meds. In this particular study of infants with seizures, the average number of anticonvulsants was 3.6. 3.6 medications with […]

Ketogenic Diet Linked With High Rate of Kidney Stones – (09-18-00)

Ketogenic Diet Linked With High Rate of Kidney Stones Remember, this diet is very similar to the high protein/Atkin’s diet. Trust me…anyone on this diet would gladly put weight back on instead of trying to pass those kidney stones!!! J Urol 2000;164:464-466 The ketogenic diet, which is increasingly being used to treat refractory epilepsy in […]

Ketogenic Diet May Interfere With Normal Platelet Aggregation – (03-05-01)

Ketogenic Diet May Interfere With Normal Platelet Aggregation Never heard of the ketogenic diet? It was originally designed for children with seizures who did not respond to anti-seizure meds. Nowadays the diet is amazingly similar to the high-protein, Atkin’s type diet. This dietary pattern truly opens the body up to so many adverse health effects […]

Ketogenic Diet Plan for Seizures in Children and Adults

Medicine thinks in terms of drugs. Thoughts on diet & supplements are rare & incomplete. A ketogenic diet plan for seizures in children & adults is powerful. The ketogenic diet is similar to the Atkins’ diet, in that it is very high in proteins and fat. The argument against the ketogenic diet is that it is hard to […]