Male Infertility Problems? Could Monsanto Be to Blame?

The blame for infertility usually falls to the female. Rarely is the evil eye cast upon the chance of male infertility problems. As with the female half of fertility, lifestyle plays a large role in the number and viability of sperm.  Despite this knowledge, visits to fertility “specialists” are usually limited in scope to the […]

Lycopene Helps Fight Infertility in Men – (04-16-01)

Lycopene Helps Fight Infertility in Men Given that lycopene (a substance found in many red fruits and veggies such as tomatoes and watermelon) has been shown to lower risk of prostate cancer, it is not surprising that this substance also has an effect on other male reproductive issues. Combine lycopene with zinc and therapies designed […]


Metformin Administration Versus Laparoscopic Ovarian Diathermy in Clomiphene Citrate-Resistant Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Am I missing something here? The relationship between polycystic ovaries and metabolic syndrome is beyond reproach. Lifestyle changes to manage metabolic syndrome is the first (and, in my opinion, only) line of defense and has proven incredibly effective to eliminate insulin […]


Coeliac disease and subfertility: association is often neglected Infertility treatment in today’s society usually consists of fertility drugs and the birth control pill. These methods are designed to override normal human physiology and force the body to perform something it is not ready to perform. A more logical approach would be to restore normal physiology […]