Should we be Eating/Drinking Dairy? – Mesa AZ Chiropractor

SHOULD WE BE GIVING DAIRY TO INFANTS??  Or adults for that matter?  Those of us who make it a passion to understand physiology are, in general, against dairy products.  It is a very common allergen for starters and is an animal based protein with little additional to offer.  And let’s face it…name another mammal stupid […]

Dairy and Your Brain; Quit it Before You Lose It

There are times that I think that maybe I’m off base when it comes to my dislike for dairy products and my recommendation to avoid it. After all, the recommendation to have at least 3 servings of dairy daily is firmly entrenched in just about every public health recommendation since, well like…forever.  And the commercials […]

Insights into Dairy Allergy: Microenvironment Matters

Insights into milk protein allergy: Microenvironment matters. This is an interesting article that delves a little deeper into the immunology between cow’s milk allergy. Essentially, in milk allergic subjects, their T cells (a portion of the immune system known as cell-mediated immune) produce cytokines (chemical messengers that tell other cells what to do) consistent with […]

3 Servings of Dairy per Day for Good Health? Or Death?

At times I question my anti-dairy stance because every public health recommendation includes 3 servings of dairy.   This is NOT one of those times. I would challenge you to find a public health recommendation from a government agency that does not include 3 servings a day of milk, cheese or yogurt.  Schools teach it like […]

The Dairy Propaganda Takes a Hit Again, About 27% Worth…

Practically every day I hear the “dairy is awesome” commercials on the radio, and it’s a continual fight to keep my lunch down. One would think, listening to the commercials, that dairy is a proven method to make muscles stronger, bones stronger and make a child grow taller.  Given the authoritative tone of the commercial, few would […]