Pneumonia and Antibiotics? Surprisingly Bad Mix

It never ceases to amaze me how much mainstream medicine has moved away from understanding and supporting normal physiology. There was just a commentary in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) on primary prevention of atherosclerotic coronary heart disease. (in English: the article was about how to prevent a first heart attack) I […]

Anxiety, Antibiotics And Gut Flora

IS YOUR ANXIETY / STRESS CAUSED BY ANTIBIOTICS? It would not be the first time that I’ve posted about just how important the bacteria in our gut is.  I just hope that you understand just how critically important the presence of friendly bacteria in our gut is.  This is exponentially more important as newborns, infants, […]

The Dangers of Antibiotics: Surprising Risk for Colon Cancer

  Although I’ve said it before, let me make it unquestionably clear; the use of antibiotics in conditions that are not immediately life-threatening are destroying your health far more then you can possibly imagine. The list of chronic diseases associated with altered bacterial flora in the gut is extensive.  So extensive that they may play […]

Can Antibiotics Lead to Ulcers? The H. pylori Story

ANTIBIOTICS LEAD TO ULCERS??  This is not a normal association in allopathic medicine, but if you follow the physiology it makes tremendous sense.  The bottom line is that antibiotics decimate our normal, protective flora whether it is in the back of the throat, small intestine, vaginal vault, large intestine or even in the stomach.  We […]