NSAIDs, Prediabetes and Your Liver; Dangerous, but Not Like You Think

There is pretty much no chronic disease that prediabetes does not contribute to.  Fatty liver is on the list. It goes by many names: non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), fatty liver, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).  It can start with just a mild elevation of liver enzymes on a routine blood work panel.  This may prompt your […]

NSAIDS–Just Two Weeks to Ulcers

CAN JUST TWO WEEKS OF NSAIDS DESTROY THE STOMACH AND INTESTINES?  It amazes me how frequently patients take this class of drugs without any thought to the fact that some 16,000-21,000 people DIE each year from this class of drugs, most often due to bleeding ulcers.  This is truly a scary study, following 55 healthy […]

NSAIDs as a Trigger of Clinical Heart Failure – (03-31-03)

NSAIDs as a Trigger of Clinical Heart Failure. NSAIDs double the risk of heart failure in patients with a history of heart problems. Considering their widespread use, the number of patients affected by this association is probably close to staggering. All by themselves, NSAIDs are believed to cause some 16-19,000 deaths per year via GI […]

H. pylori eradication and NSAIDs: effects on ulcers – (08-10-00)

H. pylori eradication and NSAIDs: effects on ulcers First, I think that there are too many questions about H. pylori’s effect on ulcers. Some researchers say it is supposed to be there, some say H. pylori is an infection and needs to be medicated, yet others suggests that H. pylori protects against reflux disease. Next, […]