Mercury levels, metabolism in infants receiving vaccines with thiomersal – (12-12-02)

Mercury levels, metabolism in infants receiving vaccines with thiomersal

This article evaluates the levels of mercury found in the blood and stool (with the stool levels reflective of excretion) in 2 and 6 month olds. The study states that vaccination does not raise blood levels above “safe” levels. A few things to consider here… First, would anyone out there like to show their faith in the Federal beaurocracy’s “safe” levels by voluntarily taking in enough mercury to stay at these levels for at least one month? Next, vaccinations are supposed to be helpful to the infants, correct? So why would we use any mercury, which is a known and potent neurotoxin, in something designed to protect? I don’t care who says it’s safe–it damn well shouldn’t be in there. Keep in mind that the only reason thiomersal is used (other than additional profit) is to extend the shelf life of larger vials.

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