Our Government was Swindled by Tamiflu and Roche

It all starts with fear. When it comes to health, we are not ruled by science and wise financial decisions. When it comes to the flu, apparently it is not just the general public that gets manipulated, but the manipulating government itself. I’m not usually one to scream about government conspiracies and control, but when […]

How Much Vitamin D Do I Need to Take to Stop Infections?

  Before we answer to question of how much, we should probably look at whether or not vitamin D can help with infections in the first place. While vitamin D supplementation has been attributed to any number of health effects, there are a few situation where vitamin D seems to shine. This includes long term […]

Fatty acid composition and measures of immune cell function – (05-05-03)

Fatty acid composition and measures of immune cell function. With so much worry out today about the SARS virus and the flu and West Nile Virus we are looking for emergency cures when we seem to forget that a healthy lifestyle is still one of our most powerful tools in the battle against foreign invaders. […]

Timing of Vaccination–Your Doctor Knows Best, Right??

  Let’s get something out of the way right now.  The immune system in an infant is malleable and very susceptible to influence up until about 2 years of age. This can be good or bad. Good if it’s the right choices.  Breast feeding until at least 6 months.  Vaginal birth or at least not a […]

Lock Your Children in a Bubble–Flu Season is Here

Being a parent, there are few things that hurt me as deeply as someone losing a child.  But to use this to scare the population into flu vaccination infuriates me. Every fall begins the push by the drug companies and the vaccine manufacturers to get vaccinated for influenza.  These efforts are supported by doctors, pharmacists and […]

Return of Haemophilus influenzae type b infections – (05-20-03)

Return of Haemophilus influenzae type b infections It still amazes me how blindly the vast majority hop in line for vaccinations regardless or type or need. Everyone assumes that vaccinations are completely safe, and, furthermore, fully effective. Here the author suggests that the use of HIB vaccines may be setting the stage for more severe […]

The Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Debate / Debacle Continues

  The flu shot.  Influenza vaccine effectiveness.  Doesn’t matter what you call it, it is the center of controversy.  There are the opponents, and then there is seemingly every public health recommendation and forced mandatory vaccination in many hospitals across the country. If all the public health officials and departments as well as the hospitals […]

Expansion of Eligibility for Influenza Vaccine for Children’s Program – (10-17-02)

Expansion of Eligibility for Influenza Vaccine for Children’s Program I’m sorry, but the arrogance of medicine never ceases to amaze me. For the entire history of man, our immune systems, with complexity and wisdom modern science can only dream about, have dealt with countless assaults by viruses, bacteria and foreign chemicals. But now we feel that this […]

Flu Vaccine 2012-13: Does it Work?

  It’s flu season Again. Time to run out and get your flu vaccine 2012-13 version before you too become infected. Everyone’s doing it, but does it work? As a result of the near universal recommendation from your physician and the seemingly endless barrage of advertisements on the radio, TV and print media, you decide […]